Our Services

Coaching – We coach you and your leadership team to adopt the distinctive mindset and business practices you need to expand, transform, or reinvent your company.

Consulting – We consult with your organization to get the objective data-driven analysis required to assess individual and company performance, walk you through key decisions—on your priorities, people, structure, dynamics, processes, and metrics—and build your team’s capabilities and plan to implement them.

Facilitation – We design and teach custom workshops and facilitate meetings for your team to develop a future first mindset and capabilities that can be baked into the whole company.

5 Future First Business Practices

Business leaders with any job title need five essential business practices to build, expand, or transform their companies into future first organizations.  The five essential business practices work together to create successful future-first companies, but often leaders need to focus on one or two of these practices to address an immediate business need.

1. Embracing sustainability as an innovation challenge by designing commercially successful products, production processes, and people practices, within given environmental and social limitations

2. Overcoming presentism by combating our culture’s profound tendency to capture our attention in the here and now, and instead tuning into future trends that drive long-term value

3. Developing integrative thinking by creating solutions that synthesize the best of seemingly opposing ideas, and thereby decrease the limitations of polarized thinking.

4. Expanding the values that drive your business decisions by being transparent and well-reasoned about all the values that inform your decision-making.

5. Going beyond one company, one leader at a time by providing solutions to global problems outside of the narrow scope of your sector and outside the confines of your company walls